Project Manager

Bucharest, Romania

The Project Manager manages the activities and resources allocated to assigned projects into a cohesive, efficient manner as well as to administer and execute various of different projects in the iGaming industry.

The Project Manager manages all activities associated with the construction of an assigned project.


1. Leading the planning and implementation of projects;

2. Defining a project’s scope and goals;

3. Planning and scheduling project timelines;

4. Develop a Project Management Plan from Concept to Final Release Phase;

5. Coordinating project staff;

6. Resource planning and allocation;

7. Effectively report on Projects, including accurate, effective and efficient project document control and record management;

8. Managing project administration, including all documentation;

9. Reporting regularly to senior management;

10. Managing client relationships;

11. Tracking project performance;

12. Project evaluations and results measurement;

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. General management skills;

2. Business and financial analysis skill;

3. Integrity, respect, honesty and trustworthiness;

4. High level of professionalism;

5. A leader and a team player;

6. Self-disciplined and able to self-manage and set goals;

7. Presentation and meeting facilitation skill;

8. Negotiation and conflict management skill;

9. Report writing and document management;

10. Abreast with latest project management knowledge and thinking;

11. Communication and Stakeholder management;

12. Knowledge of project management systems and tools.


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